Saturday 14 February 2015

Eat your heart out! This month comes with lots of red.  Red and hearts. Now, I admittedly am not an expert on shapes, (The only shape I as a cat need to worry about is if that shape will fit into this mouth), but I have learned that hearts are delicious.  They also evidently lead to more food...let me explain with a poem, (something else that runs rampant at this time of year).

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Whatever you do,
I'll try to do too!
~ the mini humans.

So when my older humans lovingly attempted to arrange food for me in the shape of a heart (another common happenstance in February for large humans everywhere, I hear), the mini human decided to "help". Therefore, firstly, I was given a heart-felt meal. Now, there are cats that would turn their noses up to a meal delivered on the bathroom floor, but let's face it, I drink out of the porcelain bowl. Besides, those cats have no variety in their lives.  You know the type, they only eat Fancy food delivered in a clear crystal dessert bowl.  These yuppies (and the irony that it rhymes with a young canine is not lost on me), might get what humans think is the top-of-the-line food, but it's so expensive that their humans can only afford to feed them once a day, and that's it.

I prefer getting a choice of foods. A bowl of kibble here, a can of something at every supper, and when I am super cute around the mini humans, treats on top of that in three different flavours!  Now that's what I call love.

On this special occasion, I got the heart of kibble, and of course the mini human had to copy the old one.  It toddled over to the kibble, pulled out a giant handful (okay, well, it's hands were only so big, but it was going back for more, so my first description stands).  These extra helpings of kibble got dropped in and around the primary shape, and voila! A sublime Valentine.

So for now I will leave you with one last Valentines sentiment:

Shall I compare thee to a cat at play? 
Thou art lovely but temperamental: 
Small hands do lift the kitty every day, 
And patience's lease hath all too short a date: 
Sometimes too loud the voice of mini human chimes, 
And in the dark is human's vision dimm'd: 
Yet every hair from the coat that's feline, 
Is unmatched like nature's cat claws untrimm'd; 
And my purring slumber shall not fade, 
Till my possession of that can thou owest; 
Cat food breath touchest thou, but be not afraid, 
When near eternal times of petting growest: 
So long as I share my shelter with thee, 
So long live you and remember...feed me.

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