Saturday 13 December 2014

There are always good and bad sides to every situation. The bad news first, because I always like to focus last about the good things. You have to when you live with humans, it helps to ensure that one has pleasant dreams when one naps.  For example, when contemplating the goings on in my humans' lives, it's far better to drift off thinking about how the mini human is learning that picking me up slightly too tightly around the neck and arm is still preferable to being picked up by fistfuls of my thick fur. This leads to dreams far more pleasant than harping on the fact that my litter box is exactly 42 minutes late being changed, and doesn't quite smell fresh. Thinking of that right before sleep just leads to dreams that well, stink.

So first, the bad news: there is a member of my humans' family that doesn't live in my home. She is older, and always comes with the smell of another cat, and...a DOG. Now, I pride myself on being tolerant of all creatures, (that I'm not going to eat), but sometimes she actually brings it with her. This can end up being fun, as I often jump the baby jail, which the canine cannot reach. I take my time strolling slowly within it's vicinity. It goes completely mad, and the humans rush to grab it's leash so it doesn't eat me. As if it could. It's nice to make them all scrabble though. A really wholesome family activity.

In any case, the old human has apparently moved. My humans have been helping her, and have therefore been scarce, and to my great agitation petting times have been even more scarce. Not to mention the fact that the humans have actually forgotten to buy me more cans, so I have had to sustain myself solely on kibble and treats for almost 2 days! Simply scandalous. The good news though, is that the mini humans' car seats from in the matriarch's CAR have been relocated temporarily to our living room, which has created a new convenient space for me to sleep.  It is comfortable, fits me well, and affords me cozy protection from all sides. The best part: once it goes back into the older human's CAR with my fur and scent all over it, the dog will go insane.

I will send myself to sleep with wonderful dreams of a dog on a car trip, perhaps with a bit of my fur stuck to it's constantly sniffing nose. I will drift off for a brief fourteen hour nap in the CAR seat until my large human arrives and hopefully will open the laptop for me to have a bath on. Until then...feed me.

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