Wednesday 31 December 2014

Happy New Year! I apologize for keeping you all waiting over the holidays...I know how much you probably thought about me while celebrating with the annual festival fights, gift wrapping and unwrapping, dealing with old drunk uncle Albert, everyone pestering you about BEING old drunk uncle Albert, overcooked birds, undercooked birds, and the illnesses resulting from visiting with germs and people you generally only expose yourselves to twice a year.

You probably longed for an escape, and might have even turned to my daily words of wisdom to see you through.  But alas, the only sage advice I had over the holidays was: more sage, I like my turkey well spiced...and don't forget the gravy.  Of course it came out as "meow", and although the mini-humans seem to be more and more adept at trying to speak in my mother tongue, the larger humans still seem too uneducated to learn a language with a colossal vocabulary of one word.  Needless to say, my turkey was satisfying, but sorely least there was gravy, which I didn't eat much of, just to spite them.

In any case, please take care of yourselves on this new years eve.  There are those of us in the cat, and dare I say it? Dog communities that depend on you being alive.  Who else would open doors and cans for us after all?  Oh, I suppose we love you in our own way, especially when you have a laser pointer or bowl of food in your hand.  The point is, don't drink and then drive. get home safely to us tonight. And remember, since you'll likely be out late, before you go out...feed me.

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