Monday 17 November 2014

Ah, my natural habitat, the outdoors. One thing you must learn about me to truly get to know me, and I feel that my human counterparts are slowly beginning to understand, is that IF it moves, I WILL own it.  I'm not necessarily into the whole killing aspect of the sport, I mean, look at this luxurious fur, blood would mat in it in a heartbeat, and then it's just work,work,work to look my best again. But, to pounce on something is claiming it for ones own.  I am both good at tracking and pouncing, with almost deadly aim.  Those little inferior creatures never know what hit them.  Sometimes I give them a grain of hope by raising a paw and letting them skitter a few feet, but then I remind them who's boss.  It's more fun when they run on their own anyway, I could bat around a corpse, but then again, more work.  Letting them go in the end is not defeat, (especially when one of the humans removes my prize in a container and sets it free, that is totally out of my paws), it is just my magnanimous way of letting them realize that I have allowed them to live out the rest of their lives.  You know, unless they look particularly tasty, in which case bugs in particular make a satisfying snack.  In any case, until the next bug...feed me.

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