Sunday 23 November 2014

Mwa ha ha!  Behold how I camouflage into my natural surroundings!  In fact, I bet the only reason the humans found me was because I expertly climbed the only tree near that part of the yard.  Of course, the sound of the birds all up in arms probably didn't help.  Next time I will pick the other tree, free of an alarm system.  Climbing things, anything really, is one of my favourite pass-times.  I enjoy popping out at the humans when they least expect it, I find it hilarious when they clap a hand to their chests and hyperventilate out of fright.  It's a really wholesome game that I can play with the whole clan of the hairless monkeys.  No one actually gets hurt, and they're so relieved and happy after they calm down, when they realize that it was just me, that I often get a really good petting.  I'm doing them a real service, I mean stroking my luxuriant fur really helps them relieve all that nervous tension.  What would they do without me? Probably lead boring stable lives.  Until the next petting...feed me.

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