Tuesday 25 November 2014

My control over the humans grows!  By strategically placing myself in a place that interferes with their activities, I have found that they stop what they're doing and they pay attention to me instead. The tone of the human's voice denotes a gentle scolding, but when delivered with cuddling and petting, I'll take it. True, my latest endeavor to thwart the folding of the body-coverings resulted in the mini-humans poking at me through the holes of what I can only assume was meant to be a kitty crib, since I fit so well, why they would want to fill it with body-coverings when it was likely meant for me I don't know, but I digress.  The pokings I endured. Conveniently, the holes in the kitty crib were small enough that the mini-humans couldn't poke at my eyes, which the smallest human seems to enjoy for some reason.  Horrid thing.  I await the day until it grows further and will be large enough to get my cat food can opened without help.  On that day, I foretell the coming of a great buffet!  Until then...feed me.

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