Thursday 1 January 2015


Well, I suppose I'm happy to announce that after the new year festivities, all of my humans are still around.  This gave me an opportunity to torture them.  I have always been a fan of cold, fresh water.  With my upbringing in the midst of the finer things in life, I have developed a certain set of standards, which I choose to live by.  Always having water newly poured from the tap is a must.  Unfortunately, the humans don't seem to be on board with this policy.  They enter the bathroom countless times a day with the mini human, and yet only take the time to pick up my bowl and change over the water once or twice a day.  I mean really! I expect fresh water every time my perfect little tongue is parched.

I therefore devised a plan to find my own fresh water.  I noticed that every time they sat upon their porcelain bowl, they would create new, fresh, cool, clean water when they were through.  Problem solved!  All I have to do is take my nap on the nearest bed, and I can have perfect water almost any time of day.  The bonus to this plan is that the humans for some reason objected.  (Not enough to pour me new fresh water in my bowl whenever I want it though). So, happily, I continued.

This leads me to my Hanukkah present.  My family got me a fancy new continuously pouring drinking fountain. It looks pretty swanky, and probably cost them a fortune.  On the whole, I like it.  Even more impressive is the fact that it came in a wonderful new box, which I fit into perfectly!  The new play ground is wonderful.  I can play there with my other feline counterpart, Tribble.  I claimed it right away, of course, and much fun has been had as a result.

The best part about the whole holiday for me, is the fact that after about three days I went back to using the porcelain bowl for drinking out of.  Don't get me wrong, I do like the new fountain, and I do still use it when the humans aren't looking, but drinking out of the porcelain bowl seems to drive them insane, which to me, is hilarious.  I have also found that it drives them right up the wall if I sit and wait on the back shelf of the bowl when I hear them approaching, then as soon as the new water fills the bowl, I can jump in and get the coolest draft possible.  I get the best reactions that way, the set up really is purrfect. 

Perhaps I'll find a new way of getting them to buy an automatic can opener which will open cans continually for me.  Now that would be a wonderful and truly appreciated gift.  And I bet it would come with a another box.  I feel that this is good fodder for my upcoming nap.  I shall have the sweet dreams of the humans inventing one for me if they don't yet exist.  But until then...feed me.

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